Vader House - The New+Old One

Location: Australia  

25 September, 2012

Vader House, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Vader house is a stunning extension to a Victorian terrace in Fitzroy, the suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It was designed by Andrew Maynard Architects. It features steel frame which extends to old high masonry wall and creates airy space and asymmetrical roof shape.

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Aloni House - The Underground One

Location: Greece  

2 September, 2012

Aloni House, Antiparos, Greece Aloni house is stunning underground house by Deca Architecture which blends well with surrounding landscape and brings the memories of the first Star Wars movie. Green roof compensates footprint of the building. It is located in Antiparos, Greece.

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Bay House - The Elevated One

Location: United States of America  

3 June, 2012

Bay House, Long Island, New York Bay house is beautiful piece of contemporary architecture by Leroy Street Studio. It is located in Long Island, New York. The overall design is simple, gorgeous and very airy. And the boardwalk is a really good play to gather with family and friends.

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Tangga House - Awesome See-Through Pool and more

Location: Singapore  

17 December, 2011

Tangga House - Awesome See-Through Pool

Tangga House is stunning piece of architecture by Guz Architects. It is located in Singapore. The house is very airy and it feels like a part of nature.

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Villa G – The White Cloud

Location: Norway  

4 October, 2011

Villa G

This stunning house designed by Saunders Architecture lies in the beautiful soft landscape at Hjellestad on the south-west coast of Bergen, Norway.

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McLain Flats Estate – 6 acres of breathtaking views

Location: United States of America  

27 September, 2011

McLain Flats Driveway

McLain Flats is gorgeous house and it lies in the scenic landscape at Aspen, Colorado, U.S.A. The house got nice driveway with a small bridge. It is almost like small castle from a fairytale.

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About Stunning Houses

Location: about  

23 September, 2011

The world can be a better place to live, all we need is creative ideas and motivation to implement them. We believe that surfing through examples of stunning architecture and interior design can help fuel peoples with creativity and motivate to do remarkable and gorgeous things. That is why we are gathering the most inspiring pieces of modern architecture and interior design from all around the world.

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